Be Wicked For a Week

Trust us when we say that once you settle in at Hedo, you will be happy you booked a week. So much to do – or not do!

  • All-Inclusive
  • Top Shelf Drinks Included
  • Gourmet Dining
  • Adults Only
  • Clothing Optional
  • And More!

Whether you’re a Hedo virgin planning your first vacation to Negril or a seasoned regular with a dozen trips under your belt, be sure to check out our bucket list of 10 exciting things to do to get the full Hedo experience. Did we miss any? Let us know!

1. Fuel Up with Our Famous Jerk Chicken

You haven’t truly experienced Hedo II, if you haven’t had our world-famous jerk chicken? It’s delectable! You can try to replicate the recipe at home, but nothing beats the real thing! Next time you’re here, don’t forget to mosey on over to the beach grill for a taste of our award-winning, finger-licking-good Jamaican jerk chicken.

2. Rock Out with Your Paintbrush Out

There’s no better way to commemorate your trip than with one of our favorite traditions – rock painting. Let your imagination run wild. Paint your own custom rock and come back again and again and again to revisit!

3. Go for an After Party Dip

Fantasies come true under the moonlight at the nude side hot tub…or, so we hear! You’re here for fun, so keep the party going after a night of dining, drinking and dancing!

4. Take One for the Team

Whether it’s singing your heart out at the piano bar, volunteering on stage with our sexy entertainment staff or joining a rousing game of beach volleyball, make sure you join in on the fun! It’s a great way to make lasting memories and lifetime friends.

5. Strike a Pose

Show off your vacation chops at the Hedo wall, a popular spot to strike a pose and take a picture. Post it on Facebook, decorate your desk, design your Xmas card, or simply keep the photo for your private collection. It’s bound to bring a fond smile to your face every time you look at it – your wicked island getaway! Maybe add it to your calendar for inspiration to book your return!

6. Enjoy New Depths of Excitement

Discover the wonders of scuba diving with the Caribbean’s most comprehensive resort diving program. Our team of PADI certified experts will ensure your experiences in the water are as unforgettable as those on shore.

7. Bill Bak & Drink Like a Local

If there is one thing we know for sure it’s that time flies when you’re having rum! Whether you like your drinks sweet, fruity, tart or smoky there’s a yummy Jamaican rum drink to tempt your palate. Our master bartenders can whip up one, just for you. Make sure to sample our favorites like the Jamaican Breeze, Dirty Banana, Jamaican Kiss and many more!

8. Rendezvous at the Romping Shop

An adult playground unlike any other and definitely not for the faint of heart. Hedo’s Romping Shop Playroom is open to couples, single women and invited single men from 10:30PM – 3:00AM, every day. It’s a judgement-free zone, so go ahead and get. your freak on.

9. Let Your Fantasies Set Sail

Set sail on your paradise adventure and take in Negril’s stunning coastline when you join our catamaran cruise crew. Lounge on deck and jam to local reggae tunes, while sipping a refreshing cocktail. And when things heat up, get wet – snorkel through hidden caves and experience the marvels of the Caribbean Sea.

10. Gear Up in the Gift Shop

For times when you simply must wear clothes, what better threads to don than a sexy Hedo pair of shorts and a tank? Visit our gift shop for a complete, one-of-a-kind collection of souvenirs, clothes, costumes and much more.