Be Wicked For a Week

Trust us when we say that once you settle in at Hedo, you will be happy you booked a week. So much to do – or not do!

  • All-Inclusive
  • Top Shelf Drinks
  • Gourmet Dining
  • Adults Only
  • Clothing Optional
  • And More!

What to Expect

Wondering What to Expect When You Arrive at Hedonism II?

Expect a personal paradise where you can explore and enjoy all your hedonistic desires. A place that feels like a second home complete with a friendly, helpful staff that’s ready to assist you as you discover all the sensual pleasures Hedonism II has to offer.

As Master of your own domain, you are free to be as mild or as wild as you care to be. Indulge in all the allure life has to offer. Tantalize all your senses from the scent of a crisp ocean breeze to the taste of a favorite top-shelf cocktail. Indulge in the decadence of gourmet meals crafted by award-winning chefs. Feel the pillow-soft sand beneath your toes, the brilliant sun as it envelops and warms you with its glow and take in the panoramic vistas of Jamaica’s world-renowned 7-Mile Beach that edges our resort.

All Inclusive Gourmet Dining

Expect All-Inclusive Gourmet Dining and Premium Cocktails.

Hedonism II has garnered numerous awards for its cuisine, and no other all-inclusive resort in Jamaica can compare to the number of premium brands served here. Our world-class dining includes several open bars, three specialty-cuisine restaurants, beachside grills and a buffet-style dining terrace.

Unrestricted Fun Your Way

Expect to Have Unrestricted Fun, Your Way!

Hedonism II is the world’s most iconic adult playground. It’s a place where people from all over the world come to live out their fantasies in a sensually charged environment. Whether you want to slow down for some R&R at the spa, discover the ancient art of Kama Sutra or pick up the pace with some games and entertainment, our countless amenities like volleyball, scuba diving, live shows, snorkeling and tennis will keep you having fun whether you’re in the water or on land.

Expect To See Naked People

Expect to See Naked People.

Hedonism II is a lifestyle-friendly, clothing-optional beach resort where you can do pretty much what you want when you want. Our dining areas, lobby, gift shop, gym, etc. require clothing, but, if you want to take it all off on our beach or pool areas, go for it. Our resort offers the freedom of a clothing-optional beach and pool for those who prefer a choice. However, please note that on the nude side beach and pool, full nudity is mandatory to maintain the atmosphere of these areas.

At the end of the day, life’s too short to wait for pleasures. Get those deep kisses, amazing experiences and midnight swims, or hot, lustful encounters while you can. Memories of all of it will bring a twinkle to your eye and have everyone guessing about where you went on vacation.

expect the chance to enjoy our playroom

Expect the Chance to Enjoy Our Playroom.

Yes, the rumors are true. We have a playroom. The Playroom is an environment purely designed for pleasure and play, a place for you to experience your deepest desires in a decadent, exotic setting. It’s an intimate atmosphere, sultry, sexy and beautiful with every angle an invitation to voyeuristic pleasures.

Expect the Vacation of a Lifetime

Expect the Vacation of a Lifetime.

There’s a reason our guests come back time, and time again. Our pressure-free, no-judgment, pleasure-seeking utopia is a little slice of heaven on earth where people from all over the world come together with the simple desire to pursue pleasure and live life to the fullest. Between the chance to make amazing memories with new life-long friends and our unwavering commitment to first-class hospitality and superior 5-star service, you can be certain you have the vacation of a lifetime!

Need to know more? Want some additional tips and tricks, before you arrive and during your stay?

Visit our Tips Before You Arrive and Hedonism Resort FAQ for more information.