Staff Spotlight: Sylvian Samuels

Hedonism Resort Negril Staff Spotlight - Sylvian Samuels

Sylvian Samuels is a dedicated professional with a passion for Human Resources and talent acquisition. Her journey within the company began as a trainee, and through her unwavering commitment and valuable contributions, she was promoted to the role of Recruiting Coordinator.

An absolute honor for Sylvian is the opportunity to now supervise and guide trainees within the organization. Sylvian deeply values the opportunity to mentor and support new trainees as they embark on their own paths to excellence. Having started her own professional journey as a trainee, her firsthand experience allows her to provide valuable insights and guidance, fostering an environment where aspiring professionals can thrive and grow.

Throughout her tenure, Sylvian has played a pivotal role in the overall hiring process, demonstrating a keen eye for identifying top talent and facilitating seamless recruitment procedures. Her exceptional communication skills, approachable demeanor, and pleasant personality have not only endeared her to colleagues and candidates alike but have also contributed to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

Sylvian loves immersing herself in the party scene, whether dancing the night away or socializing with friends. Despite her active social life, Sylvian remains dedicated to her studies and constantly strives for academic excellence. She believes that education is the key to success and is determined to excel in her chosen field. With a curious mind and a thirst for knowledge, she embraces every opportunity to learn and grow. Her ambition and drive are reflected in her steadfast commitment to excellence, and she remains resolute in her pursuit to ascend to a leadership role, aspiring to become the Recruiting manager within the company.

Sylvian Samuels is an individual who embodies the values of hard work, continuous improvement, and a genuine passion for fostering a thriving and diverse workforce. With a proven track record of success and an unwavering determination to excel, she is poised to make a lasting impact within the field of human resources.

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